About Us

Box Local is an informational multifaceted platform. It combines dining, entertainment and lifestyle services plus a free social service platform for free to users. Utilizing short videos and live streaming combined with different marketing models to help businesses gain more exposure online with the purpose increasing foot traffic and conversion rates

How It works

Short video shopping guide + live streaming, increasing traffic converting them into purchases. The multi-user mall seamlessly connects with the merchant's live streaming page, maximizing live sales

Real-time interaction to enhance consumer confidence

Consumers and mechants can communicate directly with real-time questions and answers to help consumers understand the products in more details and greatly enhance the shopping experience


Watch and buy simultaneously to increase sales

Short videos are seamlessly integrated with the mall, consumers watch and buy without additional jumps, the ordering process is simplified, and transactions can be facilitated faster


Multi-scenario application, sell goods for cash anytime, anywhere

Product display, new product release, hot product recommendation. Short video delivery mode, combined with special marketing incentives, effectively improve sales and productivity

Short Videos

Box Local creates content for businesses such as Live broadcasting and short videos for social media platforms

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